Before understanding the key characteristics to look for in your paddle tennis racquet, make sure that there isn’t a only one perfect paddle for your sport. You only have to find the right paddle that is the best match for your style. A few important elements that determine your playing level are as follows.

The shape of the paddle:

Paddle tennis racquets can be found in a variety of shapes, but to enhance your game pick one with an elongated shape. A teardrop paddle has the entire weight of the paddle balanced in the middle of the tennis racquet. They are lightweight and are not heavy. They will also be light and comfortable. paddles will be able to find their ideal spot on the top of the head and will help in faster swings using ambient aerodynamics when compared to a racquet having a round shape. Professional paddle tennis players love the teardrop-shaped paddle. It provides a fantastic balance of control, power and speed.

The paddle’s weight:

Racquets come in various weights. The lighter ones will give you more control on the court. Heavier racquets are however preferred by pros to create power within their short. However, we suggest that you increase your paddle’s weight depending on your height, weight, sex, and fitness level. A paddle that is between 350 to 370 grams could be used by females. They are more comfortable to hold and offer better control.

Paddle material:

Paddle tennis racquets are available in a variety of materials. You should choose something that offers the perfect combination of firmness, durability, and flexibility. The padel surface is a critical component of paddle tennis racquet performance. The best combination of strength, firmness, and protection is provided with carbon frame racquets. For power shots, choose lighter racquets because they are more elastic. More racquets with a harder surface provide better control over your court.

The grip of the racquet

The grip and paddle’s handle are important as they allow players to play for hours without feeling pain. Pick a grip that fits your hands effectively and is padded enough to remain comfortable on your hand. If you require a bigger grip, it is recommended not to use overgrips. It is important to change the grip regularly, as sweat can cause it to become less durable.

Material of core importance

Select paddles with soft polyethylene foam because it will help in feeling power in every shot, however, be aware that foam paddles can give you less power in smashes. Look for the amount of ball’s output on the paddle to determine how fast the ball will bounce off the tennis racquet. EVA rubber foam, which is moderately flexible and hard can be utilized in professional tournaments and high-speed games. Additionally, paddles made of EVA cores are Read More Here durable. A hybrid paddle is one that incorporates foam and EVA. The paddles are constructed with foam layers as well as EVA rubber. They are extremely durable.

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